How much is pay per click advertising?

You'll never pay more in a day than your daily spending limit and you'll never pay more than a month than your monthly spending limit (your average daily budget x 30.4; although if you don't pay Google Ads using the billing method, you can set a monthly spending limit at the account level). They pay more for larger ads and for a more prominent placement, but the effectiveness of those ads can usually only be engaged by tracking sales numbers before and after. Obviously, the best thing for the agency is to deliver results (to reduce customer churn and retain customers), but even if your ads don't drive conversions, you'll have to pay your agency unless explicitly stated otherwise in your contract. The cost per thousand inevitably means paying for an indefinite number of page impressions by people who ignored the message.

The great thing about Google Ads is that, while it works like an auction, winners aren't just chosen based on bid, and you don't necessarily pay your maximum bid. The last thing you want to do after setting up optimized ad campaigns for search engine marketing is to allow them to be published without paying attention to their performance. Each advertiser informs the host of the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a given ad (often based on a keyword), usually by using online tools to do so. Nowadays, consumers search online on multiple devices (often at the same time), which means you need to pay attention to where your most valuable leads come from.

To better understand how much you should expect to pay for PPC, let's take a closer look at how Google Ads works. Setting a daily budget and understanding how you'll run out are the most important aspects of budgeting for PPC, but it's worth knowing how advanced targeting options can affect ad spend.

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